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A new and better way to raise successful children in the 21st century
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As parents, we all want our children to succeed in school and life. But sometimes, keeping them focused and motivated cannot be easy. That's where Rockstarkids comes in. Our app is designed to help parents incentivize their children to stay on track with their schoolwork and extracurricular activities. With Rockstartkids, you can set goals for your child and reward them when they reach those goals. This can help to keep them motivated and engaged in their studies and activities.
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How It Works

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Create tasks or behavior you want to improve
In order to help your child learn a particular habit e.g doing homework on time or helping with chores, simply create the task and assign time for it to be completed and the points each completed task with earn.
Set a clear goal for your child and the expected reward.
You can use the inbuilt reward or create a custom reward that can be redeemed by your child using the points earned.
Goal setting
Help your children take their lives to the next level by achieving their goals.
A digital solution to help improve children's productivity, learn behavior, and effective skills that will last a lifetime.
Good habits
They will learn routines and priorities that become part of their daily routine.
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Rockstarkids is available for FREE on the App Store and Google Play.
Start inspiring and motivating your kids today!
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